About us

We are NoToys and we make toys for children and their parents. Our pay-off ‘For kids, for grown-ups, for life!’ is filled in by designing and producing products children actual play with and at the same time matches with the parents’ style and taste. Last but not least NoToys is sustainable.

FUNctional for children
We call our products NoToys, because it’s often not the toys themselves that are the most fun to play with. Think about it, it's way more fun to draw on the table, to swing on the hat stand or to play with your mum’s or dad’s stuff! We think so too and that’s why we make products with which you can do all these things.

FUNctional for parents
Our products are also NoToys, because we think toys should look good. It’s great having children and there is nothing better than being at home and playing, eating, reading, relaxing, cuddling and having fun together. There is a whole lot of stuff that comes with that, which might be practical or nice for kids, but doesn’t always match your taste or style.

So… parenting may change your lifestyle, but does it have to change your personal style? At NoToys, we think not. That is why we make everyday items, which can be used to play with, but at the same time look good and naturally suit your interior. After all, home is the most important place in the world!

How do we do it?
NoToys achieves all this by making actual toys from ‘no toys’ and vice versa. Not only a lot of fun doing so, it brings loads of inspiring ideas as well.

NoToys gives a cheeky twist on every day items and develops sustainable products with a blink and a twist. In this way NoToys makes designs for children as well as their parents which are sustainable, FUNctional and look great in your home. So that is what we do. If you want to find out more about us, click on.


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