Close to home

We want to make products that are beautiful and fun, but also fair. One of the ways we do this is by having everything produced inside Europe. We’d rather keep production as close to home as possible, so we try to have everything made in the Netherlands and preferably in Amsterdam itself.

We don’t believe in production in faraway countries. It unnecessarily costs a lot of energy to ship everything here from there, only to have it distributed back across the world. But most important, close to home we can make sure NoToys is sweatshop free, no poor working conditions are involved and we maintain control over the quality and over the materials used.

At home, we are not located at an expensive prime site with a fancy office. All we have is a studio and a workshop, a laptop and a cell phone, plus a table and a chair. That’s what we have to make do with and that’s all we need!

As we keep everything close to home, we know our producers and suppliers personally and we visit them regularly. That’s good because seeing with our own eyes how NoToys are made is the best guarantee for fair products that are sweatshop free, made of sustainable materials and have a small carbon footprint.

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