Tips, tricks and inspiration for your Any-mal

Tips for using Any-mal furniture
Any-mals like to be drawn upon. Only use crayons on the front and the back. They are covered by a special layer of ground cork and linseed oil designed for this purpose. This natural product is soft and slightly porous. Although you can hardly see it, there may be some wear and tear with small scratches or vague discolouration forming. This does not affect the use of the Any-mals.


Please note. Crayons sometime become so clogged up they stop drawing properly. If this happens, break the crayon in half or use another crayon with another colour. Scratches are sometimes made during ordinary use. As we said before, that is not a problem, but if you want to avoid making scratches, you can use Stabilo Woodies 3in1. Woodies do not leave scratches and do not create dust. Do not use any other drawing materials, as they can leave permanent damage.

You can achieve a nice watercolour effect by wetting drawings or drawing with wet crayons or Woodies. This sometimes leaves vague discolouration, if you want to avoid this only draw using dry materials.

We advise you to use anti-slip pads under your furniture.

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Care instructions for your Any-mal furniture
Any-mals like to be washed using a moist cloth or a bit of washing-up liquid without scouring agents. Then just wipe off with a dry cloth and your Any-mal is completely clean again.

Tricks and tutorials for making cool drawings
Not a Picasso yourself or just don't have any inspiration? Robin and Jitske made step by step tutorials of cool sharks, lions and other animals. Just go to our download page and look under tutorials. Ching and Judith made a fun to watch stop-motion that can be found below and on our video page. Have fun! Enjoy!


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